How to prepare for ENT in 9 hours
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DBMCI strives to be a chief promoter of NEET PG entrance examinations in the lives of postgraduate medical students. Since 1996, Dr. Bhatia has been the pioneer in conducting coaching for PG entrance examinations. It has extended its roots all over India, spearheading its vision to equip students in mastering these challenging examinations.

DBMCI has a panel filled with leading educationists and experienced doctors, and together, they have curated a consolidated curriculum covering all 19 subjects. With sound infrastructure, powerful online resources, and advanced study material, Dr. Bhatia created a niche in the saturated market of entrance test prep. Additionally, they have several learning packages catering to the multiple needs of different students. Let’s have a look at some of their best-selling Learning Packages.


This is an apt package for students looking forward to honing their test prep skills in ENT. It includes the legendary test series of ENT subjects to shape students’ test-taking strategies. It contains a colossal amount of tests organized by the DBMCI faculty for the preparation of ENT within 9 hours. Apart from their 247 regular tests, they also have 37 Grand Tests and 53 subject-wise tests for ENT that help students prepare for the subject in detail. 

Basic Plus

Students get a comprehensive compilation of Question Bank and the legendary test series under this learning package for the subject ENT. It includes over 35,000 MCQs prepared as per the latest pattern of NEET PG. It proves to be remarkable for students who want to practice supplementary questions of ENT to strengthen their basic concepts and understanding of the subject. 


Often, test prep methodologies are known to differ between students. It is crucial to understand the various needs of students, and DBMCI does precisely that. They have an Advanced Package spanning over 2 years, 1 year, and also a 6+2 months plan as per the requirements. The different plans under this section encompass all the features of a Basic Plus plan of the ENT. Other features include 1000+ hours of conceptual pre-recorded video lectures and over 300 hours of MCQ discussion. Moreover, it also has the most sought-after LMRP revision videos and eGurukul Golden Mantras. 


Their legendary subscription is curated to guarantee a legendary test prep journey of the subject. It includes the legendary test series, the 35000+ Question Bank, 300+ hours of MCQ discussion, and 250 hours of LMRP videos including EMT topics and concepts. In addition to this, they also provide the students with online live lectures and access to pre-recorded lectures on the same subject. This package is suitable for aspirants who require a thorough understanding of concepts and trustworthy guidance of ENT in acing the NEET PG 2022. Face to Face live classes enable the student to interact with the faculty. It makes it easier for them to clear their doubts and grasp the subject matter well. 

DBMCI’s expertise in PG entrance test prep has fortified them to adapt to changing technologies. With their eGurukul app, solving any clinical obstacle is just a click away. The app assists the students in clearing their doubts instantly anytime and anywhere. It assures quick connectivity with the leading faculties who guide the aspirants at every step in their test prep journey. Also, students benefit from their extensive coverage of topics and visual concept-based learning, making every concept easy and engaging. 

Time is taken to complete the course

Preparing for NEET PG can often be cumbersome for the aspirants. The enormous syllabus and an ever-changing examination pattern add to their neverending woes. Besides, devoting enough time to every topic is crucial to ace the exam. Thus, time management plays a primary role in cracking online time-based competitive examinations. DBMCI has designed regular courses and quick revision lectures, keeping in mind the essence of effective time utilization.   

​​Topics and Subtopics of ENT

The topics and the sub-topics of ENT are as follows:

EARThe sub-topics of the ear include anatomy of ear, ASOM, complications of CSOM, CSOM, facial nerve and its disorders, physiology of hearing, disease of external ear, acoustic neuroma, glomus tumors, test for hearing loss, otosclerosis, rehabilitative methods, meniere’s disease.
NOSEThe topics include DNS, anatomy, physiology, surgeries and incisions, maxillary sinus ca, epistaxis, rhinitis, inverted papilloma, rhinosporidiosis, and rhinoscleroma.
PHARYNXThe important topics include tonsillitis, anatomy, quinsy, Ludwig’s angina, nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, spaces around pharynx, nasopharyngeal Ca, and retropharyngeal abscess.
LARYNXThe sub-topics of larynx include anatomy, Ca larynx, croup and epiglottis, TB larynx, vocal cords paralysis, congenital malformations of larynx, voice disorders, infact of ENT, etc.
ESOPHAGUSThe topics include dysphagia, anatomy, and physiology.

Last Minute Revision Points (LMRP)

ENT is one of the essential topics of the NEET PG 2021. Last Minute Revisions are a must for ENT. With DBMCI, you can do a last minute revision in about 7 to 9 hours before the exam. 

Appearing for the NEET PG entrance examination is in itself an arduous task. Last-minute revision of the ENT topic can be a game-changer if a student has precise notes for the ENT. Dr. Bhatia and his team of dedicated faculty are mindful of the hurdles students face and have come up with the concept of LMRP. In LMRP, students can learn ENT in not more than 9 hours. Additionally, it also comes with LMRP notes covering important pointers to equip the students for the exam. 

LMRP notes is a gist of all the last-minute pointers based on Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal ENT videos. It consists of last-minute revision notes of ENt and its various topics, which are handy for every medical aspirant before the main exam. Moreover, it includes highlight points from previous lectures of ENT, high yield tables, and flowcharts related to the subject, making revision reasonably simple. It efficiently covers all the key attributes. For every student struggling with tuning fork tests, these notes will be a blessing in disguise. The 133 pages of LMRP for ENT is an excellent resource for a quick review of the entire syllabus and helps cover the entire syllabus of ENT within 9hours. The book can also be helpful during the viva examinations. It is the perfect book to pick up and glance through a day before the exam. 

While focused learning over the years is critical, last-minute revision is equally essential. Having a calm and composed state of mind brings considerable difference to a student’s test score. The determining factor lies in the end-moment study tips to avoid last-minute exam jitters. 

How to prepare for ENT within 9 hours

Preparing for NEET PG examinations can be exhaustive and confusing if students lack the correct guidance. ENT is an important topic to score more marks in the subject. Students are likely to falter despite rigorous curriculum, practical notes or excellent teaching because test prep can be lonely. It becomes challenging for the aspirants to focus and remain motivated in this long journey. Hence, at DBMCI, they believe in the concept of hand-holding from the beginning till the end. 

All the candidates can prepare all the topics mentioned above within 7 to 9 hours. Some of the tips to prepare the topics are as follows:

1. Make sure to cover all the basics of the subject. Some of the important topics of the subject include complications of CSOM, CSOM, facial nerve, and its disorders, physiology of hearing, surgeries and incisions, maxillary sinus ca, epistaxis, rhinitis, inverted papilloma, rhinosporidiosis, Ludwig’s angina, nasopharyngeal angiofibroma, spaces around pharynx, TB larynx, vocal cords paralysis, congenital malformations of larynx, voice disorders, etc.

2. All the students are advised not to leave any concepts or cram the ENT topics to learn faster. Always cover the basics.  

3. One of the best ways to prepare the topic is to create notes while studying the chapters. Making small notes helps you learn faster one day before the exam.

4. Solve previous question papers. It is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam. It gives an idea to students of how much time it will take to answer all the questions and what type of questions they can expect.

5. Another way to prepare for the ENT topic is to practice mock tests. It is the best way to prepare for the exam and it takes less than 9 hours to do it.

DBMCI Live Experience

The specialty of DBMCI live is that students can learn from reputed faculties sitting comfortably at home. Understanding complicated concepts from reputed faculty is just one video lecture away. It saves time and solves the hassles of commuting for every student. The ease with which content is delivered right at the applicant’s doorstep, distance, or weather can no longer affect their test prep. 

The faculty sticks to a vertically and horizontally integrated approach while teaching the concepts. Every topic and its respective subtopics receive in-depth coverage. Class timings are scheduled in sync with the college timings to promote live interactions with the faculty. The gurus teach every subject in a student-friendly manner. It motivates the students to reach out to the faculty. This method of two way interaction helps the student to receive personalized attention and achieve concept clarity. With the help of student feedback and faculty guidance, the students can identify their weak areas and work on them. It boosts the candidate’s confidence, but it also helps them achieve stellar results in their examinations. 

How does the Guru make the learning easy for the students?

A dedicated and genuine Guru is an essential ingredient in the recipe of constructive test preparation. The right teacher acts as the torchbearer in a student’s life. To have a mentor candidate can look up to brings a considerable difference in their test prep methodologies. Instead of the burden of huge textbooks, gurus at DBMCI motivate students to learn from notes curated explicitly for them.

Preparing for NEET PG challenges candidates to meet unending expectations in a short time. The portion is vast, and topics are numerous, often leaving them clueless and without a direction. Seldom students are aware of how to prepare for such examinations. The aspirants receive personalized guidance and methodological guidance with dedicated Gurus, which helps them narrow down their preparation. Also, at DBMCI, student feedback is welcomed and honored to improve the entire experience and help them become proficient doctors in the future. 

DBMCI understands what it takes to be an exceptional doctor. It starts preparing students at the grassroots level, laying a solid foundation for the subject. Its stepwise integrated teaching process continuously assesses students with full-length and subject-wise mock tests. They provide detailed analysis and solutions to every test, which help the students jot down their weak areas and identify their strengths. With the eGurukul app, students can analyze their past mock performances and pan out a strategy that works for them. Students can revisit topics whenever needed with recorded lectures and a comprehensive collection of revision lectures. 

Moreover, the live lectures and interactive sessions with the faculty fosters constant monitoring of the students. The LMRP notes are just like the cherry on top of a three-layered vanilla cake. Also, the institute has come up with Vibe for the doctor tribe. It helps them attempt image-based questions with an advanced approach. The notes provide students with a snapshot of everything they have learned to date. For all the students who aspire to pursue their postgraduate degree in medicine or surgery, DBMCI’s resources will take them a long, long way. 

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