Pharmacology Mnemonics
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The subject of pharmacy is rated as one of the most elaborate and interesting ones in NEET PG. The students need a lot of time to become familiar with all the topics in which the subject is taught. Many things need to be memorized when studying Pharmacology.

Studying Pharmacology can be challenging because you need to remember all that you have read. A candidate appearing for the NEET PG examination is required to revise several times. Besides, students are also required to develop the right strategy that will help them to channel their energy in the right direction.

Using mnemonics to assist in learning this material has been extremely useful for many of the NEET PG toppers. Keeping in mind that Pharmacology has an extensive syllabus, you shouldn’t get discouraged once you master it—once you learn it, you will have an edge over your competition for NEET PG.

Here are a few mnemonics that will assist you in your NEET PG preparations.

Pharmacology Mnemonics

Muscarinic effectsSLUG BAMSalivation/ Secretions/ SweatingLacrimationUrinationGastrointestinal upsetBradycardia/ Bronchoconstriction/ Bowel movementAbdominal cramps/ AnorexiaMiosis
MPTP: mechanism, effectMPTPMitochondrial Parkinson’s-Type Poison.· A mitochondrial poison that elicits a Parkinson’s-type effect.
Steroid side effectsCUSHINGOIDCataractsUlcersSkin: striae, thinning, bruisingHypertension/ Hirsutism/ HyperglycemiaInfectionsNecrosis, avascular necrosis of the femoral headGlycosuriaOsteoporosis, obesityImmunosuppressionDiabetes
Narcotics: side effects“SCRAM if you see a drug dealer”Synergistic CNS depression with other drugsConstipationRespiratory depressionAddictionMiosis
Hypertension: treatmentABCDACE inhibitors/ AngII antagonists (sometimes Alpha agonists also)Beta blockersCalcium antagonistsDiureticsBeta blockers:B1 selective vs. B1-B2 non-selectiveA through N: B1 selective: Acebutalol, Atenolol, Esmolol, Metoprolol.O through Z: B1, B2 non-selective: Pindolol, Propanalol, Timolol.
Hypertension“CHASM”:Cererbral vasospasm / CHFHypertensionAnginaSuprventricular tachyarrhythmiaMigranes
Sex hormone drugs: male“Feminine Males Need Testosterone”FluoxymesteroneMethyltestosteroneNandroloneTestosterone
Disulfiram-like reaction inducing drugs “PM PMT” as in Pre Medical Test in the PM:PM PMTProcarbazineMetronidazoleCefo (Perazone, Mandole, Tetan).
Ca++ channel blockers: usesCA++ MASH: Cerebral vasospasm/ CHFAnginaMigranesAtrial flutter, fibrillationSupraventricular tachycardia
Morphine: side-effects MORPHINEMyosisOut of it (sedation)Respiratory depressionPneumonia (aspiration)HypotensionInfrequency (constipation, urinary retention)NauseaEmesis
Delirium-causing drugsACUTE CHANGE IN MSAntibiotics (biaxin, penicillin, ciprofloxacin)Cardiac drugs (digoxin, lidocaine)Urinary incontinence drugs (anticholinergics)TheophyllineEthanolCorticosteroidsH2 blockersAntiparkinsonian drugsNarcotics (especially meperidine)Geriatric psychiatric drugsENT drugsInsomnia drugsNSAIDs (eg indomethacin, naproxen)Muscle relaxantsSeizure medicines
Tricyclic antidepressants: members worth knowing“I have to hide, the CIA is after me”:Clomipramine Imipramine AmitriptylineIf want the next 3 worth knowing, the DNDis also after me:Desipramine Nortriptyline Doxepin
Adrenoceptors: vasomotor function of alpha vs. betaABCDAlpha = Constrict.Beta = Dilate.
Serotonin syndrome: components CausesHARMHyperthermia Autonomic instability (delirium) Rigidity Myoclonus
Torsades de Pointes: drugsAPACHEAmiodarone Procainamide Arsenium Cisapride Haloperidol Erythromycin
Migraine: prophylaxis drugs“Very Volatile Pharmacotherapeutic Agents For Migraine Prophylaxis”VerapamilValproic acidPizotifenAmitriptylineFlunarizineMethysergidePropranolol
Antirheumatic agents (disease modifying): membersCHAMPCyclophosphamideHydroxychloroquine and chloroquineAuranofin and other gold compoundsMethotrexatePenicillamine
Opioids: mu receptor effects “MD CARES”MiosisDependencyConstipationAnalgesicsRespiratory depressionEuphoriaSedation
Antiarrhythmics: classification I to IV MBA College In order of class I to IV: Membrane stabilizers (class I)Beta blockersAction potential widening agentsCalcium channel blockers
Pulmonary infiltrations inducing drugs “Go BAN Me!”GoldBleomycin/ Busulfan/ BCNUAmiodarone/ Acyclovir/ AzathioprineNitrofurantoinMelphalan/ Methotrexate/ Methysergide
Cancer drugs: time of action between DNA->mRNAABCDEFAlkylating agentsBleomycinCisplatinDactinomycin/ DoxorubicinEtoposideFlutamide and other steroids or their antagonists (eg tamoxifen, leuprolide)
Busulfan: featuresABCDEFAlkylating agentBone marrow suppression s/eCML indicationDark skin (hyperpigmentation) s/eEndocrine insufficiency (adrenal) s/eFibrosis (pulmonary) s/e
Antiarrhythmics: class III members BIASBretyliumIbutilideAmiodaroneSotalol
Physostigmine vs. neostigmineLMNOPLipid solubleMioticNaturalOrally absorbed wellPhysostigmine
Auranofin, aurothioglucose: category and indicationAurum is latin for “gold” (gold’s chemical symbol is Au).Generic Aur- drugs (Auranofin, Aurothioglucose) are gold compounds.· If I didn’t learn yet that gold’s indication is rheumatoid arthritis, AUR- Acts Upon Rheumatoid.
Beta 1 selective blockers “BEAM ONE up, Scotty”: Beta 1 blockers:EsmololAtenololMetropolol
MAOIs: indications MAOI’S:Melancholic [classic name for atypical depression]AnxietyObesity disorders [anorexia, bulimia]Imagined illnesses [hypochondria]Social phobias· Listed in decreasing order of importance.· Note MAOI is inside MelAnchOlIc.
Antimalarial Drugs“Prima queen celebrated many festivals” Prima= PrimaquineQueen = QuinineCelebrated= ChloroquineMany= MefloquineFestivals= Antifolates 
Antihelminthic DrugsNematode hate AMPAlbendazoleMebendazolePyrantel pamoate 
Clinical Uses of MetronidazoleABCDEFGHA = Amebiasis and Anaerobic streptococci infections B=  Bacteroides infection C=  Clostridium perfringens infection D=  D-medinensis infectionE=  pseudomembranous enterocolitis and Entameba infection F=  Fusobacterium infection G=  Giardiasis and gardnerella infection H=  H pylori  ulcer
Anti-AIDS Drugs“No new Indian entered Pakistan”No= Non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors New= Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitorIndian= Integrase strand transferase inhibitors Entered= Entry inhibitorsPakistan= Protease inhibitors
Side-effects Produced By cholinomimetics DUMBLESSD=  Diarrhoea. U=  Urination urgency M= Miosis. B=  Bronchoconstriction L=  Lacrimation E=  emesis & excitation S=  salivation S=  sweetening
Contraindications of cholinomimetics CAPIC=  coronary insufficiency (because they dec heart rate) * this C also indicate these are contraindications of Cholinomimetics A=  asthma (because they cause bronchoconstriction so…) P=  Peptic Ulcer (because they cause increase in secretions) I=  intestinal obstruction (they cause increase motility )
Anticholinergics Aunty in school trimming her NailsAunty= atropine (nonselective muscarinic blocker) In=  ipratropium (nonselective muscarinic blocker) School=  scopolamine (nonselective muscarinic blocker) Trimming= trimethoprim (ganglion blocker)Her= Hexamethonium (ganglion blocker) Nails=  Nicotine (ganglion blocker)
Non selective muscarinic BlockersA 4 atropineA= ankh (Eye) mydriatic and cycloplegic (used in measurement of refractive disorders because it will make you pupil big so disorders will be seen easily) A= antispasmodic because they relax GIT and bladder A= antisecretory agent in lower respiratory tract (Preanesthetic use) A= Antidote  in case of cholinesterase inhibitors 
Uses of AmphetamineA naughty child depressed her Aunt.A= amphetamine Naughty=  Narcolepsy Child=  CNS stimulant \Depressed=  Depression treatment Her= Hypotension Aunt=  Appetite control
Beta BlockersThe NEPAL prime minister The= timidolol N= Nadolol E= Esmolol P= Pandolol A= Atenolol L= Labetalol Prime=  propranolol Minister= metoprolol
Clinical Uses of Alpha BlockersPMDCP4=  Pressure  Blood Pressure Hypertension  Pheochromocytoma  Penile erection phentolamine and yohimbine mediated  Peripheral vascular disease M=  Migraine D=  Disorders related to sleep & psychotic disorders C=  Congestive cardiac failure
Clinical uses of Beta blockersMAG took MAHACNS M=  migraine A= anxiety EYE G=  Glaucoma ThyroidTook=  thyroid storm CVS (MAHA) 2 M=  Myocardial infarction + Cardiomegaly A= Angina + arrhythmias H=  Hypertension + Heart failure A= Aortic aneurysm + with alpha blockers to treat pheochromocytoma
Side effects of beta blockers BBC London TVB=  Bradycardia and hypotension B=  Blood Pressure drop And BronchoconstrictionC Cough London  lipid metabolism disturbance (Beta 3) T=  Tiredness V=  Vivid dreams and yawing 
Contraindications for Beta BlockersABCDEA= asthma B=  Heart Block C=  COPD and cough D=  Diabetic (as beta 2 releases insulin and we are going to inhibit Beta 2 so patient will be on risk) E=  electrolyte imbalance (hyperkalemic patient at risk)
Histamine Effects HistaminH= HCl Production I= Inflammation S=  Strong vasodilation T= Therapeutic value none A=  Allergy M=  By Mast cells I= Ig E N=  Narrow airways (bronchoconstriction) 
H1 BlockersDiDi promotes cyclingDi= Diphenhydramine Di= Dimenhydrinate Promotes=  Promethazine Cycling= cyclizine 
Clinical Uses of H1 BlockersDiDi have mobile NGOHave=  hay fever Mobile=  anti motion sickness use NGO=  angioedema
H 2 Blockers  FRaNCeTidineF= Famo + tidine= Famotidine OR= Rani + tidine = ranitidine N= Niza + tidine = NizatidineC= Cime + tidine= Cimetidine
Uses of H 2 BlockersGPS DrG=  GERD P=  Peptic ulcer S=  Stress related gastroenteritis Dr=  Dyspepsia
Uses of Ergot AlkaloidsHOMEH= Hyperprolactinemia (Bromocriptine is release inhibitor of prolactin) Also used in Parkinsonism O=  Obstetric Bleeding  Ergotamine and Ergonovine erg containing members are used because they causes strong vasoconstriction so they will stop bleeding M=  ergotamine used in migraine in acute attacks and in prophylaxis E=  expel baby out (abortion and miscarriage)  because they produces powerful uterine contractions (Ergonavine is prototype)
Nitric oxide synthase inhibitors NCB (National commercial bank’s employers) in medical examination.Isoform 1 N=nNOSneuronal C= cNOS epithelial B= bNOS epithelial Isoform 2 In= iNOS Macrophages Medical= mNOS muscles smooth Isoform 3 Exam= eNOS endothelial
Uses of Nitric oxideNO papaNO=  uses of NO P=  Pressure  Blood pressure control  hypertension A=antianginal nitro-glycerine P  pulmonary hypertension and in penile erection maintenance in erectile dysfunction A antioxidant and antithrombotic
Side-effects of Nitric oxideTOTM T=  tachycardia  by baroreceptor reflex O=  orthostatic hypotension T=  throbbing headache M= methemoglobinemia
ACE InhibitorsPril sisterscaptopril and enapril
Side effectsHTCH= hyperkalemia T= teratogenic C=  cough
Precipitating factors of asthmaDiplomatD = Drugs (Aspirin + NSAIDS + Beta antagonists) and DNA mean genetic factors I=  Infections (URTIs and LRTIs) P=  Pollutants (at work and at home) L=  laughter (emotions) O= Obesity M=  Mites A= activity (exercise) + atopic disease T=  temperature (cold) + Tobacco (smoking)  

Learning mnemonics makes learning boring and complex medical terms interesting, as well as easy to memorize. For exams like the NEET PG, learning mnemonics saves a lot of time and gives  students the confidence to perform better. Experts at e-gurukul have created the best way to learn Pharmacology.

A mentor helps you the best in the process of your success journey.  And the best mentor brings out the best in you, helping you discover the strengths that you didn’t you were unaware about.

Pharmacology by Dr. Bharath VD is exceptional in the medical field. We take pride in having him as an essential part of the Dream Team. 

Trust eGurukul to be your companion through this journey because it helps you achieve your dreams, and regardless of the circumstances, this companion keeps its word.

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