NEET PG 2022
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How to Prepare for NEET PG 2022 by Staying Fit?

NEET PG 2022

Post-graduation is the next step for most MBBS students. Becoming surgeons, pediatricians, or physicians is something that such students have dreamt of since childhood. Today, what stands in their way like an insurmountable wall is NEET PG. The seats are limited and there are so many people who appear for the exam.

Final-year students and those pursuing internships face the maximum number of challenges. Everyone works hard, more or less. So what should be the plan? How can you Prepare NEET at home while staying healthy and fit?

An elaborate strategy

  • Fundamentals

Your foundation of knowledge must be strong. The recommended, authorized Neet Pg will be needed to build your concepts.

  • Study Materials

Once you have started an internship, choose your study material. It depends on the classes you have joined or MCQ books. 

  • Total Number of Revisions

You should go for multiple revisions before the exam. Do what works for you.

  • Mock tests

Tests serve many purposes, like time management, identifying your strong and weak subjects, and a reduction in negative marking. These tests will help you improve your rank.

  • ·         Identify Strengths and Weaknesses 

If you are weak in some topics, give them more time. The topics which you are good at can be given less revision time, and that time can be utilized for addressing your weak points.

So, how can you remain fit during all this preparation?

Parents should take care of their child’s health during the NEET-PG preparation. Students mostly ignore their health. Internships are stressful and you don’t get enough sleep. Manage within the time you get. Exercise helps keep your mind fresh and your body healthy.

There can be times when candidates are completely stressed out during the preparation. But, keeping this in mind, the aspirants should not indulge in any such activity which can put candidature and hard work at risk.

The candidates should always try to keep themselves positive during the NEET-PG preparation.

Tips to stay healthy and fit during preparation

  • Meditate regularly.
  • Have a balanced diet.
  • Take proper rest.
  • Spend time with your family while remaining positive.
  • Solve sample papers or mock tests regularly.

Meditate regularly

It increases the level of concentration. It achieves a condition of balance in your mind and soul. This balance is important to maintain day-to-day activities and functionality. It gives both psychological and physical benefits to the aspirants. If you do it regularly, you will feel refreshed and see marked changes.

Have a balanced diet

Eating healthy is the most vital component of keeping one’s health. When candidates eat healthy, their bodies perform well and they are able to stay more positive than those who do not. It’s critical to eat well; else, your sleepless nights will be for nothing.

Take proper rest

It is very essential for the candidates to get proper rest. If you do not get proper rest, it may lead to a bad mood. One must never ignore this factor while preparing for NEET-PG.

Family members give you positivity and strength, which are highly required while preparing for the exam. In particular, parents filter out all the negative vibes, which will increase the positivity and that will boost the efforts for preparation. It helps divert the mind and pause. It helps restart with positive vibes. The aspirants must not panic, as that will not help them in their preparation and will only make things worse. By spending time with family or loved ones, you will get much more motivation.

Solve sample tests and attempt mock tests

Solving previous year’s question papers and mock tests also help the aspirants to stay positive, knowing that they are able to solve them. It boosts the confidence and preparation levels of NEET-PG 2022. It gives them the motivation to work hard and cover those areas where they lag. It helps you increase your speed and improve your score.

Regular video calls with friends and mentors

You can get in touch with them virtually as one can’t go out these days, thanks to the pandemic. It helps you stay happy and motivated. You can discuss your doubts with your mentors and can also join a problem-solving class online.

Preparing for NEET-PG during the pandemic

There are restrictions on movement. But it must not be a barrier while preparing for the exam.

  • Engaging and informative YouTube videos will help.

As the coaching centers are closed, the aspirants should look for videos on YouTube of people who give online classes.

  • Do-it-yourself projects to understand your subjects.

To make study more interesting, medical aspirants can also take up DIY projects on their own topics. It will keep you entertained, and you will be able to memorize subjects well.

What should not be done? 

  • Do not waste your time.

It is advised that the time spent at home is not wasted on playing and enjoying leisure time on social networking applications. If you have such a device, it must be for educational purposes only.

  • Candidates should not have a relaxed attitude.

The candidates must not adopt a carefree attitude; instead, they should seize every opportunity they get to fortify their NEET-PG 2022 preparations amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus.

  • Don’t cause trouble for your parents.

Everyone is going through difficult times because of the global outbreak of coronavirus, and your parents are equally worried about the examination. Don’t cause them more trouble by doubling their mental pressure.

Silver lining

There are also many advantages of online NEET preparation during this time, which are:

  • Candidates can study at their own pace in the privacy of their own homes.
  • There is an increase in engagement with students, teachers, and parents, which in turn helps you to be positive.
  • Online classes also help with a lot more transparency.
  • Now you are able to easily raise queries online .
  • Candidates are not required to travel long distances to reach coaching centers, which saves more time that can be used for their preparation.

Final words

As NEET-PG is a very competitive exam, the preparation must be made accordingly. Staying positive and fit is very important. A balanced, positive mindset is essential. During these uncertainties, you should not lose focus and concentration. Take rest, eat a balanced diet, and take a break to strengthen your NEET-PG preparations. It is critical to maintain optimism. Hard work, persistence and regularity, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help you crack NEET-PG 2022.

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