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With official notification to for commencement of NEXT exam in 2022, it’s time for you to revise your exam strategy and complete syllabus as early as possible. Time will play a crucial factor here. DBMCI’s EGurukul app will help you revise subjects and take tests with video solutions as well.

E-Gurukul App provides a comprehensive coaching and preparation resources for NEET PG/NEXT. The Egurukul 2.0 version is prepared with all efforts with the overview of the NEXT patter. Their recent updates are more user friendly as well with offers on exam books on pre order.

While pursuing an internship, it becomes difficult to have dedicated study hours to prepare for exam. E-Gurukul app will enable you to prepare anywhere based on your time schedule. With internships on one hand and preparation on other, Time will play a crucial role in your NEET PG/ NEXT exam preparation.

The various new features of the app that makes it a perfect app for the NEXT exams are:

  1. Students can create their custom module from the bookmarked question or the questions they have marked correct, incorrect, or guessed. They will also be able to search the questions using QBID (Question Bank ID). They can create 20 modules at a time and reset it if required.
  2. Students can watch the videos offline. They can download maximum 10 videos at a time and each video has validity of 15 days. However, even after they download the videos, they might need a primary internet connection to manage them. This won’t consume more than 10kB of data. This is the greatest thing that the egurukul app helps with saving the data and consuming more of the video lectures.
  3. eGurukul Mantras:  The quickest way to revise every subject. We have decluttered the subjects/topics into simple points and tables so that you can revise any topic anywhere, anytime.
  4. Clinically integrated video lectures: The clinically integrated videos help in solving the tough questions that link two or more subjects combinely to bring about a solution. A special section for the same is added in egurukul app that can help you excel in your NEXT exam.
  5. Practical video lectures: The practical videos are something where you can visually integrate your learning and are also one of the key factors to pass your university exams. Also, some questions asked in NEXT exam are also related to the practicals and visualizing it will egurkul will help you retain it for a longer period with the approach the gurus have made to show it on camera.
  1. View the subject-wise/topic-wise mantras: It is now easy to navigate on the subject wise or topic wise manner to see the egurkul mantras which is the quickest way one can revise the topics/ subjects.
  2. All new home screen: that includes Custom Question Bank, Notes, Blogs, Leaderboard, Bookmarks, Saved videos & Ask Gurus.
  3. Students can filter notes: along with all new experience and digitally hand written notes by Notespaedia, this actually helps in filtering the important topics and their notes when needed.
  4. All new deep and in-depth statistics to give you a better analysis of your preparation. You can also compare your weekly/monthly/quarterly with toppers. It is always important on what the statistics has to say, all in all this is only one of the things that can determine your rank.

Also, Free Access of eGurukul  for FMGE Students

  • 1 Month Free Access of eGurukul app to all the FMGE students.
  • Put your details with your college ID card or any document which confirms you are a FORIEGN MEDICAL GRADUATE to sign-in.
  • Get one-month free eGurukul 2.0 subscription complimentary.

eGurukul 2.0 Pen drive Edition.

  • Our smartphones may cause us some vision problems. According to various studies, at least 1 out of every 4 eye patients complains about eye strain due to reading text on a small screen. Mobile  phones are physically smaller than laptops and tablets, making is tough to read and study.
  • If you are not using a high-end phone, multi-tasking could get tough for you. So, DBMCI has now even launched the pendrive version which helps you to read at the comfort for your eyes.
  • Fewer pixels: Most mobile displays currently have fewer pixels than desktop displays.
  • Videos only on the laptop – Rs40000
  • Videos on the laptop and mobile app both- Rs 45000
  • The pre-launch offer price is Rs 40000 till 15th Feb only, the later price will increase to its MRP of Rs 45000.
  • The delivery will start from 15th Feb 2021.

Best features of the app are listed below.

  • Updated topic wise MCQ’s.
  • Test Series on App with discussion as well.
  • Well recorded videos.
  • Subscription to Foundation and Advanced Course.
  • Handwritten notes home delivered.
  • Last minute preparation tips.
  • Guidance by Professors.
  • Live Classes.
  • Individual Subject subscription.
  • Live Mocks and Test series.

Hope the new updates in the app will help you prepare for your NEXT exam.

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