Importance of Peaceful Surroundings While Studying for the NEET PG Exam
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The NEET PG is a computer-based test conducted every year in India, to help candidates qualify for admissions into various national government and private medical colleges. This exam is said to be one of the most difficult exams in India. It is a prerequisite to pursuing a specialization as a medical student. Through this exam, one can become a master in a specific field, i.e., gynaecology, dermatology, oncology, neurology, etc. If you are an aspirant for this exam, ensure that you have completed your MBBS from a reputed medical university in India. Additional requirements to take the NEET PG exam include having an internship experience of one year or more.

Since the NEET-PG is an extremely difficult exam to crack, it may induce a lot of stress and anxiety among aspirants. In this case, what can one do to ease nervousness associated with this exam? 

The first step towards achieving a state of calm and ensuring optimum productivity while preparing for the exam, requires setting up an organized and peaceful study zone, free from distractions. Now, you may wonder why?

It has been known that a good study environment helps students concentrate better, and remain focused, as opposed to a study environment that contains distractions such as construction noise, loud music, or blaring horns, which can irritate and disrupt concentration in the mind of a student trying to learn. It is psychologically proven that a peaceful learning environment, replete with the perfect lighting, color, and comfort, has the capability to boost the productivity of a student. 

Let’s have a look at some of the factors that contribute to creating a peaceful study environment, suited for a NEET PG exam aspirant: 

Importance of Peaceful Surroundings While Studying for the NEET PG Exam


Since ancient times, students have been taught in natural lighting. Natural lighting is one of the primary features of ancient India’s gurukul culture. If we look at this scientifically, it is said that a naturally lit environment can boost a student’s learning capacity by 25%, as compared to a student trying to study in a dimly lit environment. 

Natural light has the power to uplift one’s mood, reduce feelings of nervousness, and make a student feel rejuvenated; making it essential for a student preparing for a crucial exam like the NEET PG. Lighting plays an important role in creating a serene study environment. Ensure that your study desks are placed in a position that receives direct sunlight during the daytime. Avoid using dim lamps and fluorescent lights, as these can affect your mood alternatively, and induce tiredness. 


You can choose any place that you like for studying. Be it your house, a cafe (as long as distractions and noise are limited), or even a library – bottom line, you should be comfortable with that surrounding. If you feel your study space is adversely affecting your physical or mental health, you should change it immediately. For instance, you may feel uncomfortable with your seating arrangement at the library. This can induce stress, frustration, and irritation. It may also exhaust you quickly. Focus on your posture and physical health, especially if you are uncomfortable in your surroundings. 

According to experts, the more comfortable you are, the more you will be able to focus and remain motivated to study. This will help you absorb more information. If you are uncomfortable, you may be likely to get distracted quickly and lose your retaining ability. 


Color psychology plays a vital role in creating a good learning environment. It contributes towards the overall peace of your mind and body. As we all know, different colors have the ability to induce different emotions among individuals. Students should keep this in mind when choosing the color of their study corner. 

For example, the color red can stimulate creativity and learning but it also increases heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety levels. Thus, it could be prudent to avoid sitting in a red painted area, as this could adversely lead to disrupting your mental peace. On the other hand, a colour like yellow stimulates positivity and serenity and facilitates easier learning. You could consider painting your study nook neutral colours like yellow or white to ensure a positive effect on your learning abilities. 


Some NEET PG aspirants may prefer studying in silence, whereas others may prefer listening to slow background music to soothe their minds. It’s completely up to you what you like and what you don’t. If you are someone that finds music to be calming, you may use it to induce peace and calmness internally, so that it aids in better studying. Listening to music may also help stimulate creativity, depending from individual to individual. 

If you are someone that prefers the company of silence over everything else, look for a silent study corner for yourself or invest in a pair of noise cancellation headphones. Make sure you stay away from social media notifications, and put your phone on silent while you’re studying. Electronic devices can hurt your focus and concentration while learning. 


Researchers suggest that you’re more likely to lose focus and motivation to study if you do not have a clean and tidy study space. The more clutter your study space possesses, the more it is likely to derail your study pattern and disrupt your peace. While studying for the NEET PG, your study environment must be free from unnecessary junk so that it doesn’t induce any negativity further. A clean and tidy study corner will contribute towards a peaceful study environment.

How to achieve a peaceful study environment?

Now that we’ve talked about various components that contribute towards a peaceful and functioning study environment, let’s talk about how an NEET PG aspirant can achieve that – 

Let go of Distractions 

The more distractions you have in your surroundings, the more difficulties you may encounter while studying. Identify what works for you and focus on achieving that. Find a study nook that is peaceful and free from the hustle and bustle of your neighborhood. Imagine studying to the beats of EDM that your neighbors are playing. Distracting, right? Therefore, you should be away from all of this if you want to study in peace. 

Some ways to let go of distractions include: 

  • Keeping your phone on silent while studying. For increased efficiency, keep your phone, laptop, and other distracting electronic gadgets locked up in a drawer or cupboard when you’re studying for the NEET PG. 
  • If there’s a lot of noise from your surroundings that you can’t control, use noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the noise. 
  • If you’re comfortable with soft music, play that on your headphones or earphones while studying. 
  • Inform your family members about your study time and request them not to disturb you or distract you during those hours. 

Make a Study Schedule

Nothing can be achieved without proper planning – not even a peaceful work environment. You could consider setting up a study timetable according to your surroundings. No one else knows better than you, when it comes to timings associated with your surroundings being quiet or noisy. You could wake up early in the morning and have a schedule that focuses on completing important topics at a time when things are quiet. Early mornings typically have a peaceful ambience, which aids in better learning. In the case of the NEET PG, you could cover clinical subjects first thing in the morning. Since your mind will be free of other thoughts, it can adjust well to difficult topics at this time, as well.

It is essential to plan your study schedule according to your convenience so that you can study in peace.

Importance of Peaceful Surroundings While Studying for the NEET PG Exam

 Change of Surroundings

If your current location is too crowded and noisy, it is bound to take your mental peace away. This might take away your motivation and focus to study for the NEET PG exam. To solve this, you could try a different setting that is more peaceful compared to your current location. 

Consider visiting a public library, cafe, or study rooms that are not crowded during the day. For complete concentration, try using noise cancelling headphones. Changing your work environment can give you a break from the monotony of studying from a single place. This could do wonders for your study schedule, and keep you motivated. It can also give you the much-needed serenity that you’ve been seeking for a long time. 

Final Thoughts 

Peace is a very vital part of our lives. Be it physical or mental, peace is a must. When you’re preparing for an important examination like NEET PG, that is bound to describe the path of your career, you should give your everything to establish a study environment that is peaceful, positive, and friendly, so that your preparation produces fruitful results. 

We hope you will find these suggestions helpful in putting together a peaceful study environment. Above all, value your mental peace. Remember not to exhaust yourself while preparing for the NEET PG. Give it your best shot, and stop worrying about the consequences! 

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