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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Graduation (NEET PG) is a qualifying eligibility-cum-ranking examination in India, conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE), for medical aspirants who are planning to study various postgraduate Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), and diploma courses in government and private medical institutes in India. This exam is held once a year (in June) for a duration of 3.5 hours. To crack NEET PG exam 2025 in a single attempt, Dr. Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute (DBMCI) has come up with an all-inclusive DBMCI LIVE 360° Program. In this article, we will understand why the 360° Program is the best option in terms of NEET PG coaching for the 2025 exam and how it helps in decoding the exam puzzle.

DBMCI: The Pioneer In The Medical PG Coaching Field

Founded by Dr. Mukesh Bhatia, DBMCI has trained thousands of candidates for medical tests since 1996. It is a uniquely developed cohesive force of top educationists. The unique blend of past experience, expertise, and in-depth understanding of examination trends with the demands of today’s students makes DBMCI, the first of its kind, a modern methodology-based institution for preparing serious and committed aspirants to take on the challenges of medical PG exams head-on. 

The foundation of DBMCI stands on the fundamental strength of the full-time commitment of our faculty members across several disciplines. Their extensively updated knowledge and unique methods for demystifying even the most complex ideas. They consistently strive to provide the most comprehensible answers to the most challenging questions from students. Apart from other extraordinary medical PG courses, the DBMCI Live 360° Program for interns and post-interns is an exceptional example of the ceaseless dedication and commitment of DBMCI’s best faculty members for the NEET PG preparation.

What Is DBMCI Live 360° Program?

If you wish to conquer the NEET PG 2025 exam battle on your first attempt, the DBMCI LIVE 360° Program for post interns and interns is just what you need. It is the ultimate preparation course to decode NEET PG 2025. DBMCI LIVE 360° Program is a live online course at DBMCI Live App providing online classes of all 19 subjects, conducted for both interns and post intern students with a duration of 1 year. 

Course Content For Both Interns & Post Interns

Following are the DBMCI LIVE 360° course inclusions designed exclusively for both intern and post intern students to excel in NEET PG exam 2025.

  • Live and Recorded Sessions for (Regular Batch, Fast Track T&D Batch, and VIBE and Revision Program)
  • eGurukul Advance Plus Plan 
  • Workbook for all 19 Subjects, 
  • Medicine Simplified & Medicine Essence Books
  • TTP & LMRP Books 
  • VIBE Booklet
  • Special Mentorship by Dr. Rajat Jain

eGurukul Inclusions Provided By DBMCI 360° Program

eGurukul App is a platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge and learning between sharp and industrious minds. Here is what DBMCI Live 360° Program offers in eGurukul App to make you ready for NEET PG exam 2025:

  • Complimentary for 1-year Advance Plus Plan in eGurukul App 
  • Access to Free Grand Test, Subject Wise Test, Post Class Test & Cumulative Test Series in eGurukul.
  • Daily Quiz
  • Experience 120+ hours of Clinical videos captured from the top medical colleges and hospitals.
  • Aid from 1000+ hours of video lessons in all 19 subjects.
  • Video lessons are available in 2 languages, English and Hinglish.
  • Enjoy a question bank with over 22,000 MCQs tailored to the 2022-2023 NeXt exam pattern.
  • Benefit from 292 tests, 43 grand tests, and 62 subject-wise tests, attempted by more than 100,000 students.
  • eGurukul-DBMCI’s exclusive faculty members are few of the top-rated experts.
  • Participate to experience our test and discussion program of 300 hours dedicated to MCQ discussion.
  • Advantages from 250 hours of revision videos to support you strengthen your knowledge.
  • To achieve success in your medical career, unlock our eGurukul Golden Mantras.
  • Access softcopy notes for all 19 subjects.

DBMCI LIVE 360° Program Schedule

DBMCI Live 360° Program is a combination of four incredible batches of DBMCI which are as follows: 

  • Regular Batch
  • Fast Track Test & Discussion
  • VIBE
  • Revision Program

This program is scheduled according to the abovementioned batches:

Batch Dates
Regular BatchFast Track Test & DiscussionVIBERevision Program
Intern30th April ‘24 – 4th Nov ‘2413th Nov ‘24 –   6th Feb ‘255th Jan ‘25 –  10th Jan ‘2510th Feb ‘25 – 1st Mar ‘25
Post Intern30th April ‘24 – 20th Oct ‘2413th Nov ‘24 – 6th Feb ‘255th Jan ‘25 –  10th Jan ‘2510th Feb ‘25 – 1st Mar ‘25

Note: DBMCI Live 360° Course Fee is ₹110589/- ₹75971 for both interns and post-intern students. Offer valid till end of May ‘24.

In Brief,

DBMCI LIVE 360° Program offers comprehensive preparation for the NEET PG exam 2025. With modern methodology and expert content, it will equip aspirants with tools to navigate exam complexities and excel in the exam at one go. Visit the DBMCI.Com website and enroll in the 360° Program to unlock your path to success in the NEET PG 2025 exam.

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