How to finish Anatomy Course in 12 hours for NEET PG
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Anatomy is one of the most difficult subjects you learn in the medical school. Memorizing all the anatomical structures and their functions is tough enough as it is, but you have a number of other classes to study for as well! Talk about time management. To help you be successful in your classes, we’ve come up with a strategy on How to Finish Anatomy Course in 12 Hours for NEET PG.


Online learning platforms like eGurukul offer aspirants a seamless way to kick away their doubts and obstacles. Courses designed by expert faculty members help aspirants solve every doubt related to their respective topics. These also help students finish their syllabus-wise preparations on time with quality learning materials.

The courses on eGurukul, such as the Anatomy Course, contain concept-based video lectures to help aspirants learn and grasp each topic. The smart syllabus of this e-learning educational platform contains test series, video lectures, images, banks, and video-based questions to guide students towards the path of success.

Some Smart Last-minute Study Tips For The NEET PG Anatomy Course:

  • Study smart, not hard: Lakhs of students appear for NEET PG every year, thanks to which the competition is extremely tough. This is why it is essential to study smart rather than hard. Instead of studying 24/7, try to cover the essential topics only.
  • Make your study schedule: Make learning goals based on the Anatomy subject you’re currently dealing with and its respective topics. Prepare a timetable that has enough time in it to allow you a quick revision.
  • Think of yourself as an examiner: Before you appear for the NEET PG exam, ask yourself some critical questions. For example, what are the qualities required to be a doctor? What are the most salient points about human anatomy that you absolutely need to know to succeed? This will help you answer all questions with ease.
  • Appear in the scheduled NEET PG mock tests in the Anatomy course: Mock tests are crucial to prepare for the NEET PG exams. So, try to appear in the scheduled NEET PG mock tests in the Anatomy course offered by DBMCI as many as you can from the online educational platforms.

Regular Anatomy Course

A subscription to the Regular Anatomy Course on eGurukul comes with a test series to help students feel acclimatized to the exam. The recorded, fully conceptualized lectures in the eGurukul Anatomy course help students easily prepare for their MCQ and test series. 

The recorded lectures allow students to gear up for the NEET PG without any interruption. The main benefit of these recorded lectures is that they are based on MCQs and test series related to the questions asked in the examination. The top faculty members prepare all these Anatomy topic questions to help the students secure the top rank in NEET PG. Not only this, students can quickly solve their doubts instantly on eGurukul. The entire Anatomic topic analysis with quality learning material is the best part of these eGurukul lectures. Recorded videos are not meant for fixed times. Hence students can start their preparation any time according to their own pace.

DBMCI Live Experience for Anatomy Course

The live teaching process of every instructor (gurus) is different and unique. Students can clear their doubts through live interactions with their instructors. During DBMCI live interactions, students can ask MCQs and queries related to anatomy anytime on the platform and get them resolved directly with the faculty members, students, and bench partners.

About Guru (Faculty for Course Teaching) of Anatomy Course

A brief description of the NEET PG program gurus is the following:

Dr. Ashwani Kumar

Dr. Ashwani Kumar is a full-time faculty at DBMCI in the department of Anatomy. After completing his post-graduation and before joining DBMCI as a full-time faculty member, he worked as a resident doctor at VMMC, New Delhi. He is an expert at explaining difficult concepts layer by layer and helps students understand the complexities effortlessly.

Anatomy is a part of the Biology course on eGurukul. This course is all about the human body and its related functions. Anatomy is the study of tissues and organs in the human body, animals, and other organisms.

The weightage of Anatomy in NEET PG is very high. Hence you need to prepare well for this subject. In NEET PG, ‘Anatomy’ is known as the phantom of all subjects. A total of 17 questions are asked from this course in NEET PG. The anatomy syllabus for NEET PG includes the following:

  • Embryology
  • Osteology
  • Arteries
  • Histology
  • Abdomen
  • Head and Neck
  • Thorax
  • Cranium and
  • Upper and Lower Limbs

eGurukul is unique because of all these esteemed faculty members. The expert faculty member of the Anatomy course provides concise notes. The course has the following salient features:

  • Covers 90% of video lectures: The main focus of eGurukul is to offer concept-based learning. The Anatomy faculty members cover 90% of video lectures for the subject. These video lectures help NEET PG aspirants easily grasp Anatomy topics.
  • Video timestamps are included in subtopics for fast browsing: Due to video timestamps, NEET PG aspirants studying the Anatomy course do not face any problem moving from the first to the second video. This fast browsing helps them to move to the subtopics quickly.
  • Includes Previous Year Recall Questions: The faculty member recalls the previous year’s question papers and helps the aspirants with the essential questions in all the video lectures.
  •  Includes beautiful digital illustrations of diagrams: The eGurukul faculty member (guru) demonstrates beautiful diagrams to explain any relevant topic.
  • Attractive digital handwritten fonts that make you read the note: The digital handwritten fonts are also beautiful, and they inspire the Anatomy aspirants to read the notes again and again.
  • Key points are highlighted for rapid revision: Highlighted critical points in all the videos help the aspirants with instant revision. All the essential points of all the subjects are highlighted to ease reading.
  • Notes contain 2x High-Definition images: For clear vision and reading in the notes, 2x high-definition images related to Anatomy courses are available in all the video lectures. Aspirants do not need to zoom the pictures for clear vision.

How does the Guru make Anatomy learning easy for the students?

While preparing for the NEET PG course from eGurukul, the faculty member (Guru) of the Anatomy course does his best to provide a precise video of the subject to the aspirants. The major points that the aspirants faced while pursuing Anatomy courses and the way the experienced faculty member (Guru) help the students are discussed below:

  • Curriculum-Based learning from an excellent Guru: The expert Guru of eGurukul not only makes curriculum-based videos but also makes sure that the videos are created to understand the topic precisely. MCQs are also provided with all the topics.
  • The Anatomy subject expert tries to increase the knowledge and efficiency of the aspirants: eGurukul tries to help every aspirant increase their efficiency, grip on their subject, give importance to the Anatomy topic and accuracy in every answer.
  • Best Supplement for the aspirants: eGurukul offers exam-related video lectures, modules, and test questions to the aspirant and guides them to reach the path of success.
  • Topic-wise precise knowledge: In this institute, aspirants get the opportunity to study each topic of Anatomy precisely to crack the exam in one go.
  • Able to score a good mark: A detailed study of Anatomy helps aspirants score a good spot in the examination. The guru tries to uplift the aspirants to reach the greatest heights.
  • 3R Concept: eGurukul introduced 3R concepts to the aspirants. Graduates in this institution can access Read, Rewind, and Revise anytime and from anywhere.
  • Support and help 24*7: The faculty members (Guru) of the Anatomy course offer support to the aspirants 24*7. This is the major point that aspirants faced while pursuing courses from this app. Those aspirants who are aiming to achieve their goal will get help and support all round the clock.

The Anatomy Guru Provides their Students with Notes to Refer to Instead of Textbooks

Unlike other online exam preparation platforms, gurukul offers notes to the aspirants for reference rather than following textbooks. The usage of notes helps an aspirant study in a nice, interactive way rather than studying from a textbook. Let’s find out below why eGurukul is different from other apps:

  • NEET PG Training Note helps in rapid revision: Notes are a one-stop solution to clear any doubt. It allows the aspirants to kick away their doubts and obstacles and is also suitable for quick revision. Faculty members (Guru) of the Anatomy course personally help the aspirants to figure out even a single doubt.
  • Personal Interaction via Live Experience: The engaging expert of eGurukul in Anatomy course trains and motivates each aspirant so that they are capable of acquiring the topmost rank in NEET PG. Live, personal interactions with the Gurus help a student to clear any doubt instantly.
  • Essential diagrams for Quick Reference: eGurukul faculty member (guru) of Anatomy course demonstrates the beautiful charts to explain any relevant topic. While preparing for NEET PG, these diagrams are best for quick reference.
  • Student feedback is taken up positively and resolved: The best thing about this app is that the expert faculty member are ready to help the aspirants personally 24*7. Unlike other apps, there is no time-binding. Aspirants can access this app and ask questions to the Guru anytime and anywhere whenever they need. Here all the feedback provided by the students is taken up positively and resolved in a few seconds.


If you are a NEET PG aspirant in Anatomy specialization and looking for a trusted online educational app to start your preparation, you can always register yourself in the eGurukul app. The magnificent experts have years of experience offering high-quality video lectures for the aspirants and within 12 hours, aspirants can master themselves in the Anatomy course. The best part of eGurukul is that every aspirant’s doubts are solved, and experts are available 24*7 to resolve the students’ queries. Apart from this, there are live video interactions of the experts with the aspirants, where aspirants can clear their doubts and discuss essential questions that may be asked in the upcoming exam. So, to achieve a top rank in NEET PG and register yourself in the eGurukul app, you can mail in the following id:,


With the help of expert faculty members’ engaging and error-free videos, aspirants can prepare very well for NEET PG. For each subject, faculty members prepared engaging videos and, along with that aspirant, also received relevant MCQs. eGurukul only aims to offer concept-based learning. Each faculty member covers 90% of video lectures for each subject. Aspirants can finish the entire Anatomy course in just 12 hours by enrolling in this app. So, why wait? If you are an aspirant of NEET PG in Anatomy course and looking for hassle-free learning, sign up in eGurukul now! 

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