FMGE July '24 Recall & Exam Analysis
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Now that FMGE July 2024 is over successfully, it is time for a detailed exam review. The FMGE July ’24 Recall & Exam Analysis sessions for the June session are released across the nation. Conducted twice a year by the National Board of Examination in Medical Sciences (NBEMS), FMGE is a qualifying and scoring competitive exam for medical aspirants who have a medical degree from a college outside India and wish to practice medicine in the country. Additionally, FMGE exam review offers an understanding of how good your exam was and what can improve your performance next time. This article will brief you about everything the FMGE Recall and Exam Analysis session covers and what comes next after the exam.

FMGE July ’24 Recall & Exam Analysis: An Overview

On 6th July ‘24, FMGE 2024 was held for 35,819 foreign medical graduates across 71 exam centres in around 50 cities. Moreover, the purpose of this exam is to grant a license for becoming a medical practitioner in India. Each part of the exam paper included 150 questions allotting 2 hours and 30 minutes to answer. FMGE july ’24 recall & exam analysis is an in-depth review of the FMGE question paper that compares the previous and current year question paper, difficulty levels, reactions of examinees, weightage, attempts, etc. Moreover, this evaluation helps candidates raise their scores in the next examinations and is conducted after every round of FMGE.

The coaching centres all over India have started holding the FMGE exam analysis sessions. Similarly, the DBMCI FMGE July 2024 exam analysis and mega recall session are available now at The detailed schedule of this exam analysis and the mega-recall session is presented in the table below.

FMGE July 2024: Question Paper Pattern

FMGE 2024 question paper pattern describes the format of the FMGE 202AQ254. It details the overall exam duration, the number of questions, and the FMGE marks distribution for each question. Additionally, to ensure they have a well-thought-out plan and the best time management techniques for the test, FMGE aspirants can acquaint themselves with the FMGE 2024 examination format. Here is what the FMGE question paper for the June session, responsibly composed by the NBEMS, involved:

FMGE July 2024 Question Paper 
Exam FormatOnline Computer Based Test (CBT)
Total Questions300
SectionPart A: 150 MarksPart B: 150 Marks
Total Duration5 Hours
ShiftMorning Shift From 9:00 to 11:30Afternoon Shift From 2:00 to 4:30
Total Marks 300 Marks
Scoring Pattern+1 mark for each correct answer 
Passing Marks 150 Marks

FMGE July 2024: Subject Covered Mainly

Here are the subjects from which the majority of the questions were asked in the FMGE July 2024.

  • Anatomy 
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Microbiology
  • FMT
  • Medicine

FMGE July 2024: Difficulty Level

According to the examinees, the overall difficulty level of FMGE July ‘24 was moderate to tough. Here is a detailed subject-wise analysis of the difficulty level of the exam. 

  • Anatomy: The majority of the questions were simple and focused on key concepts and structures. A few questions called for in-depth comprehension and knowledge.
  • Physiology: The questions included both fundamental and advanced concepts, making them of a moderate difficulty level. This portion was manageable for candidates who understand physiological mechanisms well. 
  • Biochemistry: There were both simple and complex questions in the biochemistry portion. Molecular biology and metabolism were among the frequently covered subjects. 
  • Pathology: There was a good mix in the pathology questions, with a focus on disease processes and diagnostic standards. Candidates who had a solid foundation in pathology had an easier time with this portion. 
  • Pharmacology: The difficult pharmacology questions assessed the candidates’ understanding of pharmacological mechanisms, adverse effects, and therapeutic applications. 
  • Microbiology: The questions of microbiology covered a range of microorganisms, illnesses, and diagnostic techniques, with a moderate difficulty level. 
  • FMT: The Forensic Medicine questions were simple and focused on toxicology, postmortem modifications, and legal issues. 
  • Medicine: The questions on preventive medicine, health programs, and epidemiology in community medicine were the easiest ones.

FMGE July 2024: Answer Keys

Before the official results are released, candidates can cross-check their answers and estimate their scores using the FMGE 2024 answer key, which reveals the right answers to every question answered in the exam. A few days following the exam, the NBE usually releases the official FMGE answer key. Here are the steps to download it:

  • Step 1: Go to the NBE’s official website, i.e.,
  • Step 2: Check for the FMGE 2024 answer key link for the June session under the ‘Latest News’ or ‘Examinations’ section.
  • Step 3: Once found the link, click on it and enter your login credentials.
  • Step 4: After that, Save the answer key after downloading it for future use.

FMGE July ‘24 Recall & Exam Analysis By DBMCI Faculty Members

In the FMGE July ’24 recall & exam analysis session by the DBMCI faculty members, all the key points from the FMGE 2024 for the June session will be reviewed, the exam difficulty level and pattern will be analyzed and insights from the exam paper will be shared to help FMGE aspirants to prepare better for next time. For those who appeared in the FMGE exam yesterday as well as those who just started preparing for the next FMG exam, DBMCI exam analysis and mega recall session is a great opportunity to know if they did well in the exam and get an in-depth understanding of what to expect from the exam and plan better for next one.

In short,

With the end of FMGE July ‘24 now is the ideal time to reflect on your journey and consider what comes next. The FMGE July ’24 recall & exam analysis sessions offer you useful insights into how you performed, enabling you to identify your areas of strength and growth. Remember that every exam is a step closer to your objective of achieving a medical license in India. Don’t give up on the FMGE, regardless of how easy or difficult you find it. Moreover, make the most of the analysis sessions to get clarity on what went well and what failed. Remain focused, keep picking up new skills, and keep honing your tactics. Your commitment and hard work will be paid off. Additionally, to watch the best FMGE ‘24 exam analysis and recall sessions, click on the DBMCI’s FMGE exam analysis and mega recall sessions link mentioned above and visit the DBMCI website to learn about courses of all 19 subjects to elevate your next FMGE exam prep.

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