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‘’It always seems impossible, until it’s done’’ – Nelson Mandela

While preparing for NEET PG one may undergo immense systolic and diastolic pressure every now and again. It might sound impossible to study for 10 hours a day with profound attentiveness.

However, to crack NEET and NEXT pattern exams and to uproot the best rank in these medical entrance examinations, optimum utilization of time makes it practically feasible to study intermittently for 10 hours per day for medical PG preparation. 

5 ways to study effectively and industriously for 10 hours:  
1. Organize your schedule:

Proper time management and longer hours of quality studying is one of the major ways to triumphantly achieve your goals in medical examinations. To expedite your progress, allocate your 10 hours of PG preparation aptly and prepare a schedule that assists you in using your time wisely. 

Furthermore, to avoid getting entangled in any topic or subject, prioritize your routine and section it up to stay organized, which will ultimately help you achieve your target, and do follow your schedule religiously.
2. Take uniform breaks 

Once you decide to give your medical preparation a stride of 10 hours per day, you ultimately realise that it is extremely significant to have regular breaks in your PG study strategy, to relax your mind and grasp every topic you have studied for a longer duration.  

Studying constantly not only influences your focus but also gives you stress at times. Therefore, it is imperative to take uniform breaks that help you rejuvenate and ultimately restores your concentration for a longer period of time. 
3. Find the best resources for NEET and NEXT PG examinations

A successful Medical PG study strategy is an uphill undertaking. Studying for 10 hours involves active studying that aims to build a strong conceptual foundation. NEET and NEXT preparation require rigorous learning with not only theoretical but also clinical knowledge that can be gained with the right resources available.

At DBMCI, eGurukul and DBMCI Live apps are two such therapies that are par excellence for medical students to reach their goals which includes test series, video lectures, MCQ’s, T& D (Tests and Discussions), and revision videos to nourish your concepts. DBMCI’s pre-eminent faculties extend unbeatable lectures with handwritten notes of all subjects.  

There are several online and offline resources that are easily accessible and that continually help in honing your clinical skills. There are numerous videos and notes that help you understand complex topics easily and with utmost clarity. 
4. Focus on difficult subjects first

Determine the amount of time you spend on each subject to memorize and understand its concepts. Accordingly, devote more hours on those subjects or topics that are toilsome for you. 
For example, if you find it difficult to learn anatomical terms, you must structure your PG study strategy in a manner to dedicate a higher amount of time in studying anatomy. Therefore, allocate your hours of studying with an approach to focus more upon the tougher topics or subjects. 

 5. Avoid Distractions: Create an Effective Learning Environment 
PG preparation for NEET and NEXT examination is not a cakewalk, therefore spending 10 hours per day in quality studying requires a less distractive environment and a less comfortable place to memorize complex medical concepts. 

Locations that help you energize your mind and are no distraction spot should be the place you must opt as your studying place to effectively study for 10 hours every day. 

On this account, with a convenient PG study strategy, correct study material, and proper time management you can study for 10 hours per day for your medical PG preparation and become one of the best rankers in your NEET and NEXT examinations. 

So don’t fear, determine your study hours and ensure promising results.

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